Other Services

Renewal of Vows

Couples choose to renew their wedding vows for many different reasons. Sometimes it just feels the time is right and maybe associated with a particular anniversary for example, 5th, 10th, or 20th. For others it follows on from what may have been a challenging time in their relationship and it is important to formalize their re commitment to their relationship.

For some couples there is no particular reason other than a desire to celebrate their love which has grown and matured over the years – just as their family has done. A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to write a second chapter of love in the presence of children, grand children, and friends!

Commitment Ceremonies

For some couples, a legal wedding is not an option but they would like to honour their commitment to each other in front friends and family. Currently in Australia same sex couples cannot marry.

A commitment ceremony incorporates all of the key elements of a wedding but without the legal requirements. As with weddings, I enjoy capturing the uniqueness of the couple and help create a ceremony which will be memorable not only for them but for all their guests. I remain confident that one day I will be officiating at legal marriage between same sex couples.


Overseas Ceremonies

Why not celebrate your love in beautiful Bali?

Imagine a stunning sunset overlooking the water as you exchange your vows in front of family and friends. I have excellent connections in Bali to ensure that organising your ceremony is streamlined, effortless, and enjoyable. Anything and everything is possible!

Couples who have chosen a ceremony in Bali have commented that it has often resulted in a very intimate ceremony and has meant only the people who you really want to be there make the effort to travel. So often couples have shared with me their frustration with feeling obligated to invite guests who they would not normally consider close to them. Problem solved!

Weddings can be expensive and the reduced number of guests can make all the difference. The other big bonus is the opportunity to combine your ceremony with a simply amazing honeymoon and an unforgettable holiday for your close family and friends.

If you decide to renew your vows in Bali or you want to do a commitment ceremony, what better way to ensure that your family are a key part of the celebrations. The memories will live on for all who attend and of course captured in print. Live…love…laugh!!


Naming Ceremonies

Increasingly couples who choose a non religious wedding ceremony want a similar type of ceremony to formally name their child. The naming and welcoming of a new family member to your circle of friends and the wider community is a most joyous occasion and definitely deserving of a celebration.

I am available to advise on order of service, candle lighting rituals and assist with appropriate poetry. I have been honoured on a number of occasions to name the child of a couple who I have previously married and what a very special occasion that was.

Over the years it has also been my privilege in some instances to become the ‘family’ celebrant and as well as marrying other members of the family, I have been asked to officiate at farewell ceremonies when the need arose. This is a great honour and whenever possible I do.